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Services Offered

M.L. Schwartz & Associates commonly provides each of the following services to its clients:

  1. C-Suite Executive Management
  2. Development of new hospitals
  3. Institutional-specific physician surveys — increase hospital utilization, recruit new physicians, retain existing physicians
  4. Strategic planning — long term, intermediate, and immediate
  5. Operational studies — manpower, equipment, space, process, internal and external issues
  6. Physician practice management
  7. CON Preparation and Litigation Support
  8. Leading edge technology review and analysis
  9. Facility planning — space, function, and location
  10. Developing alternative uses for excess space — provide additional revenues and needed community services
  11. Capital equipment assessment and aquisition
  12. Educational seminars
  13. Placement of temporary administrative staff
  14. Surveys of staff, board of directors, and the community
  15. Staffing assessment
  16. Joint Commission Accreditation preparation
  17. Underpayment recovery
  18. Assessment of charges and assistance in maximizing revenues
  19. Market research — market share analysis by product line

You can click any of the items above for more information about that service or visit each of the sections in order. For more information about any of the services, including access to additional documents, contact us.

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