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9. Facility Planning — Space, Function, and Location
Extremely detailed information about this service is available. Contact us for access.

The ability to recognize inherent facility problems and to produce an operational plan which increases operational efficiency and improves clinical relationships, thus improving the facility's marketability, market share, and profitability.

The facility plan encompasses a thorough review of the size, location, layout, and resources (electrical, water, acoustics, medical gases, elevator access, physician access, etc.) of each component of the facility. It analyzes the traffic patterns internally and externally based upon the current location of each department and formulates an action plan which will enhance operational efficiencies through modification of the operation of existing departments without any construction as well as through renovation, expansion, and/or replacement of the department.

The facility plan is extremely comprehensive and calls upon Mr. Schwartz's quarter-century of health care construction experience encompassing collaboration on nearly $2 billion of projects.

Mr. Schwartz served as the Assistant Administrator of Women's Hospital prior to its opening and during its initial operation before accepting the position of COO for University Hospital of Seminole during its construction, pre-opening and initial operating phase. In addition to these two executive assignments, Mr. Schwartz is proud to have been engaged as the lead consultant in the development of five new hospitals including the CON and pre-construction phases of Mease Countryside, South Bay, University General, Bayonet Point, and Oak Hill.

Additional documents regarding this service are available. Contact us for access.

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