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Who competes with M.L. Schwartz & Associates?

Historically, M.L. Schwartz has found its competition to be the national health care consulting firms, architectural firms, public relations firms, marketing firms, and the major accounting firms.

The consolidation of the major accounting firms and the unwillingness of the remaining accounting firms to accept small to mid-size assignments (between $25,000 - $250,000) has led to far less competition from this segment.

Architectural firms who have attempted to complete facility plans in addition to their traditional architectural services have found that this has led to significant client dissatisfaction both with the price of the service and the quality of the service rendered. As a result many no longer complete the facility plan internally.

Thus the major competition today comes from the national, more well marketed, health care consulting firms.

M.L. Schwartz & Associates believes that its products are second to none and the ability to react timely and cost effectively to a clients needs makes it the better choice. Moreover, M.L. Schwartz & Associates in association with other corporations now provides a full service consulting product.


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