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7. CON Preparation and CON Litigation Support

In many states there is a requirement to obtain a Certificate of Need approval before implementing a new service, adding or re-allocating beds, or developing a new hospital.

M.L. Schwartz & Associates has been the primary author of approximately 200 approved CON applications. Additionally, we have the experience to determine whether or not an application is likely to succeed based upon an initial, cost-effective study; nearly 100% of CONs which we have recommended for submission have been approved.
M.L. Schwartz & Associates has also been engaged in almost 100 Certificate of Need Department of Administrative Appeal cases. Michael L. Schwartz, FACHE has been qualified as an expert in every case in which he has testified. The areas of expertise have included: Healthcare Administration, Hospice Administration, Hospital Administration, Nursing Home Administration, Healthcare Strategic Planning, Certificate of Need Preparation, Healthcare Finance, as well as sub-categories such as staffing, equipping, pre-opening etc.

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