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Services Offered

12. Educational Seminars

During the past thirty years, M.L. Schwartz & Associates has provided seminars for Florida Blue Cross, the Florida Hospital Association, the Florida Financial Management Association, major medical equipment vendors, and numerous health care facilities.

Topics for seminars vary according to the organizational needs. Attendees have included hospital trustees, members of the medical staff, members of the administration, department heads, and line employees.

Seminars developed by and presented by Michael L. Schwartz are significantly different from other seminars. While most consultants are satisfied to develop seminars which only discuss basic generalities and withhold implementation specifics until the consultant is hired, M.L. Schwartz & Associates considers this approach unfair; it is a discourtesy to an audience which has paid large fees, and often times having traveled great distances at further costs, to attend the presentation. M.L. Schwartz & Associates believes the audience deserves to leave a seminar with an understanding of the proper approach to a specific subject. Then they have the option of either completing the required tasks internally or hiring an outside expert, hopefully being so impressed with the consultant's system that they ultimately hire them.

Seminars provided by M.L. Schwartz & Associates parallel the administrative consulting assignments and have included:
•  Solving the Devil's Triangle (Medical Staff, Board of Directors, and Hospital Administration)
•  Completing a Facility Plan without Consultants and Architects
•  The Facility Plan's Role in the Annual Budgeting Process
•  Reducing the Cost of Strategic Planning
•  Departmental Staffing
•  Capital Equipment Acquisition

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