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11. Capital Equipment Assessment and Aquisition


  1. Executive management staffs do not have all the information necessary to accurately determine the imaging equipment needs of the hospital
  2. Department Directors do not have all the information necessary to accurately assess changes in their delivery system
  3. Excess duplication of equipment is typical
  4. The costs of equipment maintenance agreements are not minimized
  5. Alternative imaging equipment to meet specific needs are not fully explored
  6. Staffing efficiencies do not account completely for changes in the delivery system
  7. Hospitals do not take the necessary steps to compete with free standing facilities
  8. Patients remain in the imaging department to long


  1. Optimize capital equipment expenditures to achieve the greatest value
  2. Reduce the cost of equipment maintenance
  3. Increase the facility’s ability to compete with free standing imaging centers
  4. Provide services sensitive to the needs of both the inpatients and outpatients
  5. Eliminate staffing inefficiencies  
  6. Improve the morale of the medical imaging department
  7. Improve the relationship of the medical imaging department with other departments and with physician office staff
  8. Provide the medical imaging management team with better assessment tools to allow the department to maintain the efficiencies resulting from this project
  9. Provide the CEO, COO and other top administrators a better set of measures for the department such that they are better able to evaluate the necessity of future medical imaging requests

Expected Results:

M.L. Schwartz and Associates will evaluate the existing system and will provide:

  1. The executive management with the necessary basis for reaching more cost effective decisions with regard to the acquisition of imaging equipment
  2. The imaging director with the necessary system information to better manage their departments
  3. The information necessary to reduce excess equipment duplication
  4. The information necessary to reduce the costs associated with equipment maintenance
  5. The information necessary to avoid the selection of inappropriate equipment which is more costly than the needed equipment
  6. The information necessary to modify staffing patterns which results in reducing the costs associated with staffing while improving the delivery time associated with the rendering of the care
  7. The executive management staff with the information necessary to attract additional patients
  8. The information necessary to reduce the time spent by patients in the imaging department
  9. A reduction in the overall expenditures related to the acquisition of imaging equipment

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