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3. Institutional Specific Physician Surveys
Extremely detailed information about this service is available. Contact us for access.

Many hospitals today rely on 'benchmark' physician surveys. They are less expensive than the more comprehensive survey. Unfortunately, the hospital utilizing a benchmark survey gets what they pay for and nothing more.

The depth of these surveys are not nearly as comprehensive as needed and these surveys fail to provide the executive staff, the board, and the medical executive committee with the needed information to formulate plans to increase the utilization of the facility.

The intent of the survey completed by M.L. Schwartz & Associates is to enhance physician satisfaction with the facility and thus increase the likelihood in a competitive market that the physician will select the client's facility for their patients over a competing facility.

The physician attitude survey is the key tool utilized by M.L. Schwartz to provide staff development.

When the methodology is utilized appropriately it is able to:

•    Improve the relationship between the administration, board of directors and medical staff.
•    Provide a forum in which the physicians feel comfortable expressing their true feelings.
•    Provide administration with credible information on which to develop strategic plans as well as equipment and capital expense budgets.
•    Provide direct responses to physician needs delineated in the written portion of the survey during the personal interview process that follows.
•    Test the waters for concepts the administration and/or board might wish to implement with the interviewer taking the heat rather than the administration if the concept is ill received.

Read more about the Physician Attitude Methodology.

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