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The Facility Plan

Facility plans are built upon the analyses of a variety of items such as the existing size and location of each department, the functional relationships of one department to another, current trends in the workload of each department, and technological and medical changes which might impact each department's future physical requirements. Such a project requires work both on-site and in our Tampa offices.

In order to accurately project the size and location needs of each department, it is necessary to analyze:

    1. Historical and current utilization data
    2. Historical and current departmental and administrative beliefs related to the department location and size
    3. The current number of full time employees (FTEs)
    4. The projected changes to the number of FTEs related to technological and medical changes

In order to minimize the time required and cost of the project, set meeting times would be scheduled with each departmental manager and/or vice-president prior to the interviewer's arrival on campus. Departmental interviews will include specific questions for each hospital department utilizing the most current methodology in the field for conducting a facility plan. Additionally, significant input from your key personnel will be considered so that the end product will be a valuable resource which can be replicated in the future internally, rather than be simply be a consultant's product which sits on a shelf prior to being buried under other consultant reports in the future.

The following would typically be requested prior to the site visit:

    1. Description of requested information
    2. Summary table of departmental square footage
    3. Detailed table of departmental square footage
    4. Detailed table of departmental FTEs, hours of service, and units of service

Here is an example of such a request:

Description of Requested Information

In order to prepare an accurate assessment of the size and current location of each <hospital name> department, it is necessary to understand how the department currently operates, including such information as: its current size, number of full time employees, use of technology, goals and objectives for the next 1-5 years, and any other information that may be helpful.

The following items would be helpful in this pre-visit assessment:

    1. Line drawings for each floor of the hospital, plus outlying buildings housing functions that might normally be expected to be included within the main hospital if space were available, illustrating all hospital departments. If there is a small set (11 x 14) already available, it would be preferable to full blueprint size. Please note the scale.

    2. Any drawings and/or prepared documents completed during the past 36 months dealing with proposed changes in the hospital's physical plant not illustrated in #1 above.

    3. Any departmental memos to administration requesting additional space and/or changes in locations detailing the reasons for the proposed changes.

(A note to the individual completing items 4-6: If all departments currently available at <hospital name> are not listed, please complete the requested information for those omitted departments at the end of the tables in the section delineated as other)

    4. Completion of the two page table titled "Summary Table for <Hospital Name>". This table attempts to identify not only the total departmental square footage of each department but also seeks to determine which departments are broken into more than one location. When the interviewer is on site, he will attempt to determine if departments with multiple sites are that way by choice, need, or because there was insufficient space available at the primary site.

    5. Completion of the 11 page "Detailed Departmental Square Footage" analysis.

    6. Completion of the 11 page "FTEs, Hours of Operation, and Units of Service" analysis.

Please note that only the non-shaded squares are to be completed. If you utilize a different unit of measurement for a specific department or if you utilize a nationally recognized service unit such as "CAP Workload Recording for the Laboratory", please feel free to substitute that data.

Additional documents regarding this service are available. Contact us for access.

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